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Sericin Plus to launch NEW innovative SILK inspired skincare line.

05-01-2017 8:20 PM / Posted in Press by Sericin+


Sericin Plus is a silk inspired skincare line where science, innovation, beauty and luxury meet. Our Research & Development team have combined the most advanced anti-aging ingredients, and super-effective formulas developed by skincare specialists to create the fountain of youth that is Sericin+, Silk Inspired Skincare.


Silk has been the most treasured natural fiber since it was discovered in China in 3000 BC and due to its natural sheen, pleasant touch, superior brilliance, therapeutic powers, and unique characteristics, Silk is called the “Queen of Fiber”.


Silk has been synonymous with luxury and beauty for thousands of years. Sericin+ EXCLUSIVELY features the best in silk inspired skincare with prices ranging from $30 – $2,000. With more than 10 plus stores opening in 2017, we will be featuring a stunning array of high-end skincare products including but not limited to our Ultimate Lifting & Stretching Collection and the Complete Daily Facial Care Collection. Silk extracts are easily absorbed into the skin, allowing powerful antioxidants and amino acids to help repair cells, promote cell regeneration and condition the skin for improved elasticity and resilience.


Applying Silk to your skin enhances the benefit of other ingredients because it forms a protective barrier around them. This means your entire beauty regimen becomes more effective as potent, active ingredients are delivered more efficiently to the skin when combined with Silk. Silk is good for all ages and skin types and Sericin+ is specifically formulated to generate both short and long term results.


We at Sericin+, Silk Inspired Skincare, are confident you will find our luxurious products effective and powerful additions to your beauty regimen. We appreciate your business and thank you for taking part in the newest breakthrough in skincare. Experience Sericin+ for yourself when we launch in early January and visit us at



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