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17-12-2020 6:38 PM / Posted in Health by Sericin+

You have probably heard the terms elastin and collagen on the internet and various beauty articles, their benefits for the skin and premature aging. But what are they really?

Collagen and Elastin are connective tissue proteins, they are normal components of the skin, but in adulthood the skin loses them. Collagen and Elastin restore the skin’s elasticity and moisture, giving it a youthful appearance. Collagen is produced by fibroblast cells, it comprises about 40% of all proteins and is a basic part of connective tissue. It is responsible for the condition of the skin, eyeballs, bones, hair and nails. 

Based on the latest scientific research, the state of collagen in the body determines the biological age of a person, which is mostly seen by changes in the skin. Even in the Stone Age, seaweed collagen was used (not against aging) but as a primitive form of glue. Today, they can often be found in the composition of products that deal with pronounced signs of aging. Collagen in the cream acts as a filler: it attracts water, fills wrinkles and creates a film on the face that retains moisture. Improves the work of other components of creamy plant extracts and oils.

After we step into the second part of the twenties and early thirties, the skin loses about 1% of collagen every year. Collagen synthesis from fibroblasts is reduced, which leads to loss of elasticity, strength and flexibility. This is the reason why our skin, when we are 80, will produce 75% less collagen than we had in 20.

If collagen cream becomes part of your skin care regimen, you won’t regret it. The results of using this cream are visible very quickly and are long lasting. Ordinary face cream is not enough to fill wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones. Therefore, it is high time to invest in anti-wrinkle cream. But which one? There are so many options on the market and each option promises a miracle.

If you want soft, refreshed and taut skin, then collagen cream is a phenomenal option. At the same time, it offers more than just wrinkle filling. By replenishing collagen through a cream, you will get the skin you had before the increased breakdown of collagen began. So, your skin will become hydrated, taut and fresher. Of course, how drastic the results will be depends mostly on your age and how much you actually take care of your skin. If you constantly darken your skin in a solarium, you can easily remain dissatisfied with the results.

Sericin+ Collagen Face & Neck Cream is specifically formulated to firm, tone, and revitalize your skin by boosting skin’s collagen levels to defy the aging process. Enriched with Silk Protein Sericin – known for its hydrating, moisturizing, and age-defying properties – this potent cream assists in boosting and regenerating the reproduction of Collagen in the face & neck area for a younger, firmer, and more elastic skin. For best results, use with Sericin+ Collagen Face & Neck Serum before cream

For perfect results, treat yourself to a spa evening once a week and give your skin real pleasure with Sericin+ Collagen Face & Neck Mask. Apply over a clean face and neck. Let the mask set for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Use weekly.

In addition to age and genetic predispositions, what affects collagen production is tobacco smoke (smokers have a faster decline in collagen). Also, alcohol, as well as the intake of excessive amounts of sugar. It has been determined that diseases related to collagen most often occur due to a combination of genetic defects, poor intake of food rich in collagen, nutritional deficiencies and digestive problems, which affect the production (synthesis) of collagen.